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About Us

We are Ezentria. We can help.

This is our mantra, and it drives everything we do. By stating our name boldly we show pride in our commitment to work hard each and every day to build the reputation of the company and its people. When you hear Ezentria we want you relate the name immediately to commitment, trust, and see us as an extension of your business. We will strive to develop the highest level of trust with you and your organization. That means not only does Ezentria stand ready to help, but we are always actively working on your behalf to better protect your business and reduce risks to your Revenues, Reputation, and Regulatory Compliance. We believe this can only be achieved through our corporate strategy that provides our customers a seamless integration of intelligent and experienced PEOPLE, proven PROCESSES, and a best-in-class Platform with the single motivation of helping our customers. Simply put, Ezentria helps organizations like yours to attain a higher degree of Information Assurance for their business in order to better serve and earn the trust of your customers and business partners.

Every business takes risks each and every day and the future is uncertain as we all know. What is your risk tolerance when it comes to information security and privacy? We bring together some of the smartest Information Assurance, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance minds in the industry to focus our capabilities on today’s problems, but we must always be looking towards the future in this fast paced world. We can help you to be better informed about potential risks to your business, and then help you to decide on a proper course of action to manage those risks.

We are here to earn your trust… and your business.

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