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PCI Compliance

An Explanation Of What PCI Compliance Consulting Is

Payment Card Industry, (PCI), Compliance is meant to check for adherence to the PCI Data Security Standard governing the use and transmission of electronic credit and debit card holder information. There are many policy and procedural that must be present in order to accept these types of cards as payment. They typically fall into three categories:

  • Technical
  • Physical
  • Documentation

The type of process by which your company is supposed to prove its adherence to the PCI standards will vary in accordance with the exact nature of your business, and how exactly your systems work. For some businesses a formal audit may be required, for others, a simple filing of paperwork might suffice to satisfy the requirement. If you are unsure of what requirements apply to you, please feel free to contact one of our Certified Information Privacy Professionals. They are here to assist you in any way possible when it comes to achieving, maintaining, or proving PCI compliance.

The Many Benefits Of PCI Compliance Consulting

PCI Compliance is one of the most frequently requested arenas when it comes to the consultancy services provided by Ezentria. This is because many individuals involved in the business of accepting and/or processing payments via credit or debit cards are often unsure of exactly what the PCI DSS requires of them. That is where the Information Security Specialists at Ezentria come in. Consulting on complicated issues such as this is just one of the many consultancy/development services we provide to our clients.

One of the reasons that PCI mandates and regulations are often sources of confusion is that even though all entities who process or otherwise transmit cardholder information are required to implement the PCI Data Security Standard, only certain entities are actually required to have formal validations of compliance carried out by an Information Security Specialist. That is why we are here to help!

The short answer to the simple question of whether or not your company needs some form of PCI Compliance check is simple – if you take credit cards, then the answer is yet. Even if you have outsourced your credit card processing, you are still required to meet certain guidelines. We are here to help you figure out and meet your obligations.

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