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Cyber Security

An Explanation Of What A Cyber Security Assessment Is

Yet another form of Information Security Assessment, a Cyber Security Assessment is one in which the state of a currently operating system or series of systems has its security factors analyzed and compared against the standards set forth in the Cybersecurity Framework. Executive Order 13636, known as the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity Framework, or simply FICIC, is a set of standard operating procedures and best working practices to help identify, correct, and prevent risks present within critical cyber infrastructure.

Though those standards set forth in the FICIC are meant to be upheld on a voluntary basis, they were created and established as a joint effort between the federal government and members of the private sector as a means of proliferating the best and most effective means of achieving reliable network security. It is designed to be cost-effective and based on business needs. It is administered as a Gap Assessment, where the standards are compared to your existing systems, and all of the places in which the standards are not met are clearly identified and reported back to you for correction.

The Many Benefits Of A Cyber Security Assessment

If you are unsure about whether or not your company needs a Cyber Security Assessment, the first thing to do is to determine if one is required on account of regulatory compliance. If not, it can still not be understated that a Cyber Security Assessment is certainly a good idea, and should be considered good business practice for those seeking the highest level of information security. Even if regulations do not require the completion of this type of Vulnerability Assessment, high-profile customers might as well. People and businesses want to know that the information they are providing to you will be every bit as secure as your own information is.

Another benefit of a Cyber Security Assessment from Ezentria is that we will be able to tell you, in great detail, not only where the dangers to the security of your information are to be found, but also what you can do to mitigate or eliminate those gaps.

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