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Vendor Security Review

Anytime your organization does business with another company, you’re at risk.

Sensitive data is everywhere. How you protect this information is your responsibility, and the risk of doing little or nothing far outweighs the potential catastrophe you might face following a breach.

What’s at stake? Brand reputation, financial stability, customer base, and the future of your company. Consumers are more aware than ever about the potential impact identity theft can have on their financial well-being, and expect their sensitive information to be secured.  If your company intellectual property is stored on a computer – it’s at risk.

Ezentria has conducted hundreds of vendor / supplier security risk assessments for a wide range of clients including financial institutions, major retailers, and healthcare institutions.

Ezentria delivers logical information security controls and expert services designed to help you safeguard your information assets, pursue new business initiatives, and identify potential problems before they occur.

Our approach integrates information security best-practice with subject-matter expertise and proven performance.

This approach delivers a defensible security posture that is aligned with your risk tolerance, compliance requirements, asset valuation and business objectives.

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